Seafarers Spouse

The Seafarer's Spouse

My name is Heather, I am the wife of a US Navy Man and a woman of many titles and talents. We have been married for 6 years and have two beautiful children. This life, although beautiful and blessed can be a roller coaster at times, but that is life in the Military. As a “spouse”, I am the Anchor, the homemaker, the mom and sometimes the dad. When my husband is deployed, there are times we can go months without communicating. Yes it’s hard sometimes as a military wife, but even more so for our children. Keeping his spirit and presence alive in the home and everywhere we go is the most crucial and sometimes the most challenging thing I have faced. Living the military lifestyle is exciting, some people portray it as unfavorable, moving from place to place, school to school..but we love it! Seeing new places, experiencing new things, meeting new people..It’s what I love about the Navy. Here on my blog I would love to share with you my every day life as a Navy Wife, crafty days, baking, recipes, party decorating and so much more. Whether you are here just to read or find some inspiration, Welcome to my blog!

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